Planet, Monochrome



British designer Lee Broom has transformed his east London store into an experimental installationinspired by the 1960s Op Art movement.


Alex Hotel



Photographer:  Anson Smart

Alex Hotel responds to the overarching concept of the ‘Hotel as Home’. Together with the client, four key concepts were established for the interior design; ‘the personal’, ‘the escape’, ‘the craft’ and ‘the legacy’, to nurture a sense of intimacy, connectedness and domesticity . The interior design, furnishing and styling imagines the richness, the personality, a sense of frivolity and the layering of a story. – See more at:

Favourite apartment in Rome



Designer: Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, of Dimore Studio :

Location: Largo Carlo Goldoni in the heart of Rome

Description: Previously a ho-hum Fendi store and anonymous office space, it has been ambitiously reconceived and refurbished as a five-storey cultural, retail, hospitality and entertaining complex for the brand and its clients.

Modern Abstract – Part Two