Petersham Nurseries

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If you are ever hiking or passing by Richmond Park, Petersham Nurseries is a must stop by location. Parking in the area isn’t great, I recommend you should approach on foot or by bike. The Petersham Nurseries has a beautifully set restaurant (booking in advance is recommended) as well as a teahouse located at the back of the garden. The teahouse is good for tea, cake, and light lunches, all the good stuff is all gone by 4 pm! Should you wish to dine and enjoy the beautiful and relaxing setting in amongst plants and antiques but don’t have a booking, they have indoor glass greenhouse sitting area with rickety chairs as well as outdoor mismatched wooden dining tables.

Beautiful glass greenhouse and dining areas aren’t the only things that attracted me to visiting Petersham Nurseries. Since I have an obsession with antique and plant stores, they have an open space shops where you can purchase plants, furniture, homeware, dressing, stoneware etc. We had a quick snoop around but found the furniture and homeware were extremely overpriced.



Rosewood London – Afternoon Tea

Rosewood London

Rosewood London

Rosewood London

Rosewood London



London Rosewood Hotel – Afternoon tea

Location: High Holborn

Interior Designers: Tony Chi



Description :

All original architecture was carefully preserved and restored to be new once again. Upon entering the restaurant, an open, yet highly systematic layout was put into place. The green and metal mesh backs of long banquettes become a hallway leading new patrons to the host area. Textured velvets outfit the furniture, while galleries of framed photographs line the brick walls. Back-lit wall shelves glow in the evenings and feature locally blown glass trinkets, that playfully complement the purple checked wallcovering.

The original cobblestone floor peeks through at times, as it makes an entrance between washed oak wood planks. Here, Debuut did a smart job of mixing old with new, while maintaining the integrity of the establishment’s past.

Location: Netherlands

The House Of Vans London

Name: The House of Vans

Designer:  Pete Hellicar and Tim Greatrex together with Balck Sparrow Presents

Location: Under the Waterloo Station in London

The House Of Vans is a new mixed used creative venue for Vans enthusiasts and those interested in skateboarding culture. Includes an art gallery, ‘Vans labs’ creative spaces, screening room, live music for 850 people, a premium café, numerous bars and a three tier indoor concrete skate park. It is the largest permanent venture by Vans globally and the first European edition of the House of Vans, following the first in Brooklyn NY back in 2010.