A Contemporary Take On French Traditional



Designer: Greg Natale www.gregnatale.com

Read all about this stunning collaboration in Vogue Living’s July issue.



Delfina Delettrez Fendi

Designer: Architecture at Large

Location: Italy


Mirrors are one such example of this, used in the store to create an infinity effect, as well as to distort the perception of the jewelry as floating pieces of spectacle and magnificence. Colors are perceived in both matte to gloss finishes, causing the space to take on on a very retro-Egyptian look, with golds, deep greens and blues in abundance, lending a dark and mystical look to the interior, all of which are lent added exuberance via their infinite mirrored reflections.

At the same time, the overriding aesthetic is meant to be futuristic, not ancient–this unexpected mix of metals and materials and surfaces, of which the 1950s Italian modernist furniture is, interestingly enough, meant to accentuate, not detract from.

Lodha Fiorenza Residence

Designer: Jade Jagger for YOO

Location: Mumbai, India